This is an edit of the sections I animated for two JWTBBQ ads. I wrote the gags and animated everything in this cut except for the seesaw bit which Brian Weaver wrote and boarded (then I animated it).

Advertising Agency: JWT, NY, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Aaron Padin, Justin Crawford
Creative Directors: Tim Nolan
Copywriter: James Cooper
Director of Integrated Production: Clair Grupp
Director of Production: Kit Liset
Producers: Christian Colasuonno, Brenda Fogg, Michelle Carman, Sean Stewart, Colin Tarpey
Supervising Producer: Michelle Carman
Director of Photography: Tadd Ryan
Director of Project Management: Elaine Barker
Project Manager: Elias Kakomanolis
Production Company: JWTwo
Event Production Company: National Media Services, Inc
Post-Production: JWTwo
Animation Directors: Chadwick Whitehead, Joe Bennett, Jake Armstrong
Animators: Lizzi Akana, Winnie Tom
Illustrators: Justin Gabbard, Brian Weaver
Sound Designer: Alan Friedman
Sound Mixer: Mike Jansson
Music Producer: Dan Burt
Technical Lead: Adrian Mojica