Killer Recipe


An avocado, who is a scientist, inadvertently invents tortilla chips that want to eat him. His tomato friend helps him destroy and dispose of the menace. But his creation proves to be resilient… and hungry.


Atlanta Horror Film Festival (USA). Oct 21, 2017
FilmQuest Festival (USA). Sept 10, 2017
Atlanta Underground Film Festival (USA). Aug 18, 2017
Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival (Spain). June 29, 2017
Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival (Sweden). Jun 18, 2017
International Motion Festival (Cyprus). May 2017
Capital City Film Festival (USA). Apr 2017
Rincon International Film Festival (Puerto Rico). Mar 27, 2017
Cartoons and Bloody Marys: Festival of Animation (USA). Mar 25, 2017
Glasgow Short Film Festival (UK). Mar 17, 2017
Athens ANIMFEST (Greece). Mar 16, 2017
Drawtasticon (USA). Feb 25, 2017
ANNY:Animation Nights New York. Feb 8, 2017
Mi Primer Festival (Peru). Jan 29, 2017
The Malta Children’s Short Film Festival (Malta). Dec 18, 2016
Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival (USA). Dec 10, 2016
Animation Chico (USA). Dec 10, 2016
Animation Marathon (Greece). Nov 28,2016
Flipbook Animated Film Festival (USA). Nov 28, 2016
Epic ACG Fest (USA). Nov 5, 2016
Boston International Kids Film Festival (USA). Nov 4, 2016
Hrizantema – Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Serbia). Oct 2016
Filmski Front Festival (Serbia). Oct 28, 2016
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (Netherlands). Oct 28, 2016
Animae Caribe’s Animation and Digital Media Festival (Trinidad and Tobago). Oct 26, 2016
Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival (USA). Oct 22, 2016
Gesticulation (Switzerland). Oct 1, 2016
Canterbury Anifest Awards (UK). Sep 30, 2016
Ouchy Film Awards (Switzerland). Summer 2016
Festival Stop Motion Montréal (Canada). Sep 17, 2016
San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival (USA). Aug 28, 2016
Animation Block Party (USA). Jul 29th, 2016


a film by: Chadwick Whitehead
producer: YuLing Koh Hsu
Alvin: Marc Adam Smith
Tom: Alex Decaneas
Chips: Alex Decaneas
sound designer: Mike Jansson
music composer: Chadwick Whitehead