Knock Knock

An absurdist action comedy.


London International Animation Festival (UK). Nov 1, 2014
Melbourne International Animation Festival (AU). Jun 21, 2014
Australian International Animation Festival (AU). May 10, 2014
New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival (USA). Mar 15 & 30, 2014
Animation Block Party 2013 (Brooklyn, USA). Jul 28, 2013. Audience Award winner
Madeira Film Festival 2013 (Portugal). Apr 17, 2013


By: Chadwick Whitehead
Sound Design: Mike Jansson
Music: written and performed by Chadwick Whitehead. “My Bike” also performed by Mike Jansson.
Goose and Cougar: Mike Jansson
Matador and Bike: Chadwick Whitehead

‘Cougar Bike’ was included in episode 1 of the Liquid Television reboot..